Meriam’s Corner

A Day in a Concord Life
Four days in a row now of spectacular weather, this is just unbelievable! I see cyclists out in force. They gather at Fern’s General Store in Carlise for a pit stop. Then, cycle onward toward Concord Ctr approximately ten minutes away. These vibrantly adorned folk pop up the moment a hint of spring comes to the area, they are a constant bellwether for the change of season!

I myself took a long walk at one of my favorite Concord spots, Meriam’s Corner approximately 1 mile outside of historic Concord Ctr. It is breathtaking in many ways. Trails covered with fine gravel and dirt meander throughout acres of protected woodland, farmland and wetlands. This is in itself is one of the most striking features. The fact that one can experience three such distinct environments in one walk or run is a real gift. The air is absolutely amazing out there. If you plan to explore try your best to breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This way you can take in all the varied and delicious scents that come from a mixture of wildflowers, damp earth, sun-dried hay and steady breezes. It is a real treasure! The trail starts at a dirt parking lot where a small bridge extends into and open field. There are wonderful curves and varied terrain on the walk – a great feature if your looking for a good workout or just a way to keep it interesting. Following the first open field is a wooded area with tall oaks and maples. Then when you least expect, it opens wide into an amazing vista of farm land with the quintessential large white New England barn and Silo in the upper right hand corner of your vision. After a walk of approximately 1/4 mile around the fields you find yourself entering a wetland complete with a wooden bridge that follows the natural layout of the plant life rather than intruding upon it. Throughout this journey keep your ears sharp – this is a bird watchers paradise and there are a multitude of species that sing continuously. When I was here in early Spring, the singing stopped me in my tracks. The sheer numbers of birds revealing themselves and the volume with which the sung was striking after the quiet of the Winter landscape.