An Insider’s Footpath to Concord Center

footpath-in-concord.jpgA Day in a Concord Life
In Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic book, Anne of Green Gables, the protagonist, Anne, describes an impossibly beautiful route as the “White Way of Delight”. This footpath is our very own White Way in early Spring. Starting across the street from The Colonial Inn on the opposite site of Lowell Road, it stretches behind Main Street and crosses over Mill Brook with the use of a wooden bridge.

This is a wonderful way for any visitor on foot to experience the quieter side of Concord Center. It is a terrific alternative to the main roads especially on days the roads are congested with cars or bikes. If one takes the path, they will end up in the parking lot behind Main Streets Market & Cafe. Several yards to the immediate left is a picturesque alley between the Cafe and the Bank. Wind your way up and it will drop you off at the crossroads of Main St. and Walden St.; a perfect place from which to start any exploration of the Town.