The Quest for Pure Maple Syrup in Concord, MA

A Day in a Concord Life

Spring is not quite officially here, but the tell tale signs have started and that includes metal buckets appearing on some of the grand old maple trees of Concord. The nights are still very cold but with day temperatures warming it is the perfect combination to extract the kind of sap that will eventually produce a wonderful amber liquid known as maple syrup. This is a process that has gone on in this part of the country since the time of Pilgrims who are said to have learned it from the Native Americans.

The word “process” applies very well here, as this is anything but an instant endeavor. Once the sap is collected, at the pace the tree is willing to offer it up, it then needs to be joined by about 39 other buckets of sap in order to be boiled down to just one gallon of syrup!