The Great Outdoors

A Day in a Concord Life
Ah, the great outdoors! This morning I was back at one of my very favorite locations, Meriam’s Corner. Late May is a beautiful time. Every inch of the fields, trees and sky here are rich with the sounds of birds, chipmunks and the like; it is both lively and serene at the same moment. My picture captures a small piece of it, but doesn’t really do the entire expanse justice. (I inserted a picture of the wetland bridge in my earlier post entitled “Meriam’s Corner”). My daughter Emily and I were thrilled by a wildlife experience in our own backyard yesterday. We were tracking with camera in tow, two of what we believed to be, Prairie Dogs. These animals appeared to me, the suburban kid that I am, to be really fat guinea pigs. But Emily swore they were Prairie Dogs. So my question is, can Prairie Dogs only be found on the Prairie or do they just live in New England under an alias…groundhog?! All afternoon these two looked longingly at each other from atop our 2ft high stonewall….well it is Spring. Occasionally, running with determination toward each other then zigzaging a bit. They would also stop throughout the day in the center of our back lawn come up on their hind legs stand tall and look about in all direction….hence our Prairie Dog theory. So, perhaps I’ll have to research this one further. In the meantime they were too quick for my camera, but we’ll be at the ready if another shot presents itself.