Winter Dawn at The Old Manse

A Day in a Concord Life
My daughter Emily and I took a long hike down from the Visitor’s Center at Minute Man National Park, over the Old North Bridge, until we were at the river’s edge and looking toward the Old Manse. It’s wonderful to have such an enthusiastic partner beside me on a morning that was not yet above 30 degrees. The wide open spaces encouraged us to forge ahead and the cold didn’t phase her a bit. This beautiful piece of land was all ours and ours alone. There were no others venturing out at this early and best of times. Our only companions were the chickadees in the brush and the geese overhead.

One can savor the simplicity of this landscape in winter. While this place is abuzz with history enthusiasts in the Spring and Summer, the winter is perhaps the most enchanting time to come here. It is so peaceful that the stark beauty in some ways surpasses the loveliness of the warmer months. Moreover, the very noticeable quiet allows you to hear, see and sense the smallest of movements. Your senses are not on overload, instead they are keener and what you see, while not lush and in abundance, can in a way be more satisfying.