The Great Escape

Concord Bank Robbery Massachusetts Footstock Building
A Day in a Concord Life

Well, I learned some interesting trivia when chatting with the Andersons’ of Main Streets Market and Cafe last week. Seems that in the winter of 1865, the building that presently stands next to theirs, was the National Bank of Concord, Massachusetts. The Bank vault, which at the time was housed down around back, was broken into, in what is purported to be the first major bank robbery in the United States. The robber was a Langdon Moore and the robbery itself was notable because of the method of escape. To intentionally mislead anyone intending to pursue him, Mr. Moore turned around all the horseshoes on his horse’s hooves to give the appearance of having traveled in the opposite direction from his actual route. A set of snow prints to cover ones tracks! Pretty ingenious. Today the historic front of this building features a trademark of many Concord Center stores…. an inventive, custom made sign in the form of what they sell. In this case, the current proprietor Footstock, displays the silhouette of a boot.