Concord in Formal Attire

A Day in a Concord Life

You can almost hear the hum on Main Street as preparations continue for the Patriot’s Day celebrations. The dust and debris that gathered on sidewalks from endless plowing over a very long winter, is now gone. The store front windows are gleaming and several shops have opened their doors, displaying their merchandise to passerbys, in equal celebration of Spring.

This is a Town embracing its splendor and tradition. Weeks of preparations have resulted in striking red, white and blue banners and graceful half arches over every doorway, window and pillar.

The Banks are perhaps the most majestic with their imposing Greek Revival architecture and Doric columns adorned in patriotic color. The picture I chose today hopefully captures just this. It is the Middlesex Savings Bank on Main Street. This local Bank’s positive reputation within Concord equals its visual prominence. It has been a major part of the community for decades, promoting the Arts, contributing to the Town and even donating the land for the Concord Visitor’s Center.