Wisteria in Bloom on Historic Concord’s Finest

lilac-home.JPGA Day in a Concord Life

Finally, our reward. The long gray skies have given way to color. Everywhere throughout Concord the lilacs are in bloom and no place more so than this Concord Center home that dresses each year in such beautiful finery. The lilac bushes and vines give the town a feel of yesteryear, characterized by a fragrance and visual beauty that is oh so welcome. They announce Spring’s intention to stay for the duration.

Lilacs were at the height of popularity in the 19th century when much of the design and building of this historic town center was still evolving. Main Street, Concord is adorned in both apple blossoms and lilacs presently. They are a wonderful gift to the here and now from times past.
Addendum: Thanks to all the avid readers of and subscribers to The Concord Life. I appreciate the ongoing support and helpful comments from those around Town concerning specific entries. With regard to this entry, while Concord was indeed blanketed in lilacs during this past month, I was enlightened by a local reader that the house photographed is actually adorned in Wisteria, a beautiful woody climbing vine of a similar color and design that also flowers in Spring.


  1. I drive past this house all the time and agree that it’s beautiful. However, you do realize that the flowers on the house are NOT lilac but Wisteria? Just thought you’d like to know. 🙂

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