Morning in Concord Center

A Day in a Concord Life
This is Historical Concord Center in early morning. The quiet streets surely give away the time of day. And although the picture conceals it well, there is a hum to this time of the morning. I’ve dropped my 4 year old daughter off at preschool down the road and swing into town to capture the storekeepers opening their doors, putting out their merchandise, sweeping the sidewalk and generally preparing for a day that will in very short order swirl with the bustle of pedestrians, cars and delivery trucks. It will also be the setting for friendly greetings, chance encounters and generally the wonderful exchange that happens in a town center that is not sidelined by a Mall or similar complex but vibrant and living…..more to come, I must now leave to attend my six year olds “end of year” celebrations (one of many) at the elementary school!

I return to my keyboard pleased to have shared in the happiness my daughter exuded for having one year under her belt in the K-8 program. After listening to her read a very short story she wrote and enjoying all the festivities that come with this moment, my Emily has presently graduated into 1st grade and is brimming with a confidence expressed in a way so many others have before her, “she’s a big kid now!”