The Old Manse

A Day in a Concord Life
It is absolutely spectacular out today. Just dropped off my 4 year old Ally at preschool in Concord and drove down to one of my favorite destinations, The Old Manse. The Old Manse is now a National Park just about one mile outside of Historical Concord Center. It was home to Ralph Waldo Emerson and later Nathaniel Hawthorne and his wife, reknowned artist of the 19th century, Sophia Peabody. This morning greeted me with crystal clear blue skies, cool air and brilliant sunshine, so very welcome after the drawn-out limbo between winter and spring which we have experienced here in New England this year.

The Manse is the cornerstone of approximately 3-4 square miles of pristine fields, hills and dramatic 200+ year old giant northern red oaks among other equally impressive trees. They have just begun to leaf, the grass is reviving throughout the grounds and the Sudbury River, which cuts through the extended property, creates a perfect, crystal clear, reflection of the landscape above.

One of my most treasured things to do on an early morning (if morning logistics getting a 4 and 6 year old off to school will allow) is to spend the next 45 minutes walking or running in conservation lands or national historic parks that are abundant in this area. Before the crowds, before the rush of the day, before the To Do list, I try to fit in time to soak in these natural works of art…a true joy!