Concord Academy, Concord, Massachusetts

concord-academy3.JPG A Day in a Concord Life This is a unique prep school in the heart of historic Concord. Founded in 1922 as a private school for girls and in the 1970’s opened up to co-ed, it evokes tradition and excellence along with a long-standing dedication to the Arts. Concord Academy does not situate itself behind gates and walls, it is instead housed within some of the most beautiful buildings of Main Street in Concord. It is the home of Concord Academy’s Center for the Performing Arts, which draws world caliber classical pianists, such as Peter Serkin and sponsors an outstanding Chamber Music series. As far as famous alum, Caroline Kennedy and Queen Noor of Jordan are both active alumni who have returned on occasion throughout the years.

Concord is a hub for historically significant events but it is also a rich cultural hub outside of Boston due in large part to the contributions of Concord Academy.

New England college and private school campuses always look their best in Fall and typically their brochures will capture the few weeks depicting that on their covers. The compelling shot, not unlike the one pictured in today’s entry, is intended to persuade prospective students and their parents to put aside their wariness of a long cold winter by drinking in the reds, oranges and golden tones that abound in this short but beautiful season.