Minute Man National Historical Park, Concord MA

A Day in a Concord Life
This was the last outing of the season with my girls. A bright, hot summer day and my two partners who have journeyed with me through the past two months of explorations for The Concord Life, will be heading back to school next week. So for our last outing we chose to go back to Minute Man National Park to explore the acres of trails, gardens and views. I was hoping to entice them by suggesting a Secret Garden experience as in the classic childrens’ novel.

This wonderful slice of land and history does not disappoint. While a parent may wish to soak in how the British and Colonists executed their battle plans along these now pristine fields and waterways, if there are children along, they will be mesmerized by the unending pathways, stone stairwells and ivy covered iron gateways. Moreover, there are bushes well taller than the average seven year old that have a myriad of trails and astoundingly large root systems underneath. Finally, it is a long journey up to the peak where the North Bridge Visitors Center resides and if you go around back, you will have the lovely opportunity to sit at the North Bridge Cafe that has a patio view like no other. Sit on a terrace sipping ice tea and take in a natural wonder. It’s a very welcome sight and break after a thorough exploration of the Park itself. (for more on the North Bridge Cafe go to the Insider’s Food Guide section).