One Main Street, Concord, MA

one-main-street.JPGA Day in a Concord Life
One Main Street is as you would expect, an exquisitely preserved building, in this case, a New England Mansard. It creates the perfect introduction to a famously historic street. Situated just behind Wright’s Tavern and abutted by The First Parish of Concord it is part of a historic triumvirate that turns the clock back more than 150 years.

Fall brings out the very best of this part of town. The golden leaves spread over the connecting pathways between these buildings and on days like this the sun reflects off and through the foliage that scatters on the ground. It’s so uplifting to walk here on these occasions, it invites a general sense of optimism that can’t be easily dispelled by words noted on the nearby Church sign “Mistakes in life are a fact, it is the response to error that counts”. Well, this is certainly true. However, these surroundings exist in such beautiful harmony, that they stand in contrast to any contemplation of error.