Ringing in the New Year, Concord 2008

bells1.JPG A Day in a Concord LifeThe first bright and glorious day of 2008 in Concord is today, January 3rd. I’ve been waiting patiently for the sun to lift our spirits and temperatures here in New England. The cloudless day has certainly given a lift to my outlook for 2008, despite the temperatures taking a dive into the single digits! If you can brave this kind of cold and wind chill as a traveler with camera in hand, you’ll be rewarded with views of the most striking homes and lands in this part of the country. Just remember to wear gloves or you’ll find it hard to unhinge your grip from the camera.

Today’s picture captures the always intriguing landscape that exists here in this part of New England. The home to the right is a Saltbox Colonial typical of the 18th century. It’s characterized by a dramatic slope from the peak of the roof down the back of the house (not shown in photo). This sharp incline allowed for additional space used often for kitchen, pantry and a birthing room in the 1700s. At the same time while providing useful additional space it did not change the garrison style front appeal of the home. Additionally homes of this period were built with a southern exposure in mind. The front of the home contained the majority of windows to make the most of the suns rays, while the steeply slanted back roof helped to reduce its exposure to a cold north wind. The name comes curiously from the shape of a box used to store salt in the middle ages.