Historic West Concord Depot, Concord, MA

westconcorddepot1.jpgA Day in a Concord Life
West Concord Depot or Union Station, as it was known when first opened in 1894, is approaching its original luster. This was the hub of West Concord (across Route 62 from Concord Center) over 100 years ago. Today it still serves as a waiting station for the Commuter Rail trains running in and out of Boston.

Painstakingly brought back to its former glory, this has been a labor of love for grassroots groups here in Concord in partnership with the State. In piecing together its original appearance through archival newspaper articles that described in great detail it appearance when first completed; the present renovation was able to reach a remarkable level of authenticity in reproducing the exterior colors and textures of its original form. The West Concord Depot is on the National Register of Historic Places.

This exuberant building is also home to the Club Car Cafe. If you are in the mood for a hearty breakfast or just want to soak up a little local history while you enjoy a stack of pancakes and bacon, this is a place to stop. Enhancing the feel of the restaurant for kids and adults alike is the chance to see a model electric train circling overhead while you eat your breakfast/lunch or just wait until the real thing comes by for a full size effect.