Thoreauly Antiques and the lure of Concord.

thoreauly-antiques.JPGA Day in a Concord Life
I was out on Walden Street in Concord yesterday and noticed a distinct difference in the tenor and energy of the people out on the streets. There was more interaction than I’d seen since the holidays accompanied by a leisurely stride that can only signify winter is indeed behind us. Absent was the head down, collar up, determined walk toward ones next retreat from the cold.

Window shopping is particularly gratifying in Concord. Each storefront is so individual, the wares of the various stores spills out onto the sidewalks as does the wholly unique character of each of the shops and its owners. Today’s picture is of Thoreauly Antiques one of Concord’s several excellent antiques shops. Although there are people who comes from long distances specifically to find a treasure of sorts, Thoreauly Antiques is equally compelling to the person who is just crossing its path by chance, as was the case with me. Something caught my eye from the sidewalk display, I hesitated to venture in as this was not something I had intended to or typically seek out. But after choosing to give it a go, I could not have been greeted by a kinder professional. A women of age and experience was welcoming and informative and just the type of person you might envision in a place whose walls are lined with fascinating pieces from the past. I immediately became intrigued, picturing perhaps an Antiques Roadshow type of find in just such an establishment. However, time was short, as I was suppose to be heading in an entirely difference direction. I hurried off, sidewalk item in tow, musing about its potentially hidden origins.