A Perfect Day

A Day in a Concord Life
Today, is a perfect day in my book. The sun is high in the sky, the trees and lawn are rich in color from many many days of rain and a soft warm breeze has been blowing throughout the morning. Most importantly, when I picked up my four year old, Ally from school the only errand that needed attention was to find a cozy nook in Concord Center where we could enjoy a hot dog and some ice cream together. This is one of Ally’s favorite outings, mine too! Concord Center at lunch time can be a bit of a slog but if your luck runs out with streetside parking you can go behind the Middlesex Bank building, a substantial Federalist style piece of architecture with four imposing cream colored columns to find additional parking. Once there, you can find your way back up to the Main Street by walking up an absolutely delightful paved Alley between the Footstock Building, a former Bank of long ago (more tomorrow on this) and the Main Streets Market and Cafe. The Main Streets Market and Cafe is known by locals as Andersons. They have run it for four generations, a great place to go to escape the homogenization of coffee houses or restaurants. Down behind the front of the restaurant in the Alley itself is a small storefront also owned by the Andersons which just sells icecreams, hotdogs and a few pastries. The charm here is that you don’t have to wait at noon time on a week day. Ally and I took our snacks out back into an enclosed patio. This is a great little find. It abuts a stream that meanders under much of Concord Ctr, exposed at different sites around town. There is also tree cover, awning and window plantings around this small part of the building. Across the parking lot a little further down on the stream is a wooden walking bridge that crosses into the Concord Common area itself at the heart of the historic center. Ally was begging to walk the bridge, she loves how it feels as if you are about to enter a secret garden only to find yourself in the middle of everything!