Concord in December, a true delight

town-center.JPGA Day in a Concord LifeConcord’s array of original shops is the perfect antidote to the sameness of the mall shops a few towns away. I was “forced” to extend my shopping to the malls this December, for a particular craze that is sweeping the 6 year old set. The volume was on high. By this I mean the volume of lights, sounds, fast food, decorations on steroids and just plain stuff was suffocating. The parking lot cars snaked in and out of endless lettered posts, I believe I was finally able to park somewhere by “Y”. I yearned to finish my appointed task and resume shopping in the place I love.

We are now closing in on my favorite time prior to Christmas. The few days between the rush leading up to and the event itself. It is now December 20th and at this point, the office parties are typically over, the race to finish school seasonal events, concerts, etc. are past and of course the week before Christmas pressure to get to the post office under the wire in an effort to send out-of-town gifts and greetings is behind us! It is that sweet spot prior to our family gathering where I intend to stroll the shops of Concord Center, Depot District and West Concord at a leisurely pace. I window shop knowing that inspiration will strike when I see just the right gift for the those I’ll see in a mere few days.

I’ll drink in the sights of this beautiful town just as one might have a century ago. I’ll be uplifted by the timeless music, conversation and laughter that permeates this town. My senses will no longer be assaulted by the artifice of the season, but greeted by the sounds of the season; all at a welcome volume.