Main Street Rooftops, Concord, MA

A Day in a Concord Life
The rooftops of Historic Concord Center can easily place this photo in the “Old” or “New World”. In fact, upon looking at this picture my first thought was of Dick Van Dyke jumping with amazing skill across the roof tops of turn of the last century England (or perhaps it was a back lot in Hollywood) in Mary Poppins. The puzzle-like way they fit together, the peaked chimneys and timeless brick… Concord is a bridge between these two worlds, that most fortunately, hasn’t had a face lift or tear-down. Its authenticity is what makes the architecture in this town so memorable. Yes, the peaks sag a bit and on the interior the ceilings can be a bit low but it has history that extends beyond the latest mall expansion and ties that cross “The Pond”.

Old and new on my mind leads me to a mostly unrelated final thought. My seven year old has an American Girl doll, a popular period doll that comes with a story and many accessories. She has Felicity, a Revolutionary War period doll with clothing to match. However, Emily has decided just prior to turning seven that she prefers a more casual approach to everyday clothing for her doll and announced yesterday she would like American Girl Collection clothing from “my” century……ouch. I hadn’t thought of our mother daughter relationship spanning two centuries quite like that. Well, I knew the 70’s wasn’t yesterday, but for a moment I felt as if I could share my Suffragette past with her!