The Concord Shop, Concord, MA

A Day in a Concord Life

This place is not easily duplicated. The Concord Shop has built a very loyal and passionate following over the past decades. It is quintessential Concord in many respects. The Famous Concord Shop has entered the circle of multi-generational stores here in Concord, the second generation recently having taken the reigns. They are committed to providing the best tools for the cooking novice or master; actively seeking out goods that fit their unique offerings. This is not buy-in-bulk retail but a shop run by those with a discerning eye and unbounded knowledge of cooking utensils and all the finer points of what can make a meal a celebration.

When I visited last Fall, I was a bit intimidated by a store completely immersed in the mechanics and artistry of cooking. Never feeling entirely confident with complex recipes and the tools that bring it together, I was eager to embark on a little self-improvement and ventured in. I was fascinated by the range of items, many imported from France. The Provence linens were absolutely striking. The owner was so very pleasant, not only was she a wealth of information concerning the variations between the regions in France and how they relate to the designs, it was imparted in such a way that I felt I was all the richer for having listened and chatted with her.

Finally one cannot enter or leave The Concord Shop without glancing up at a sign as unique as the store it represents. In keeping with the centuries old tradition of providing a sign inherently descriptive in its design, The Concord Shop has truly excelled.