Walden Street, Concord, MA

A Day in a Concord Life
Walden Street and Main Street are at the heart of Historic Concord. The heart is closely guarded in these neck of the woods. As much as Concord has been able to protect itself from the influx of chain stores and uninspired architecture it has not been entirely immune to outside influences. There is however a deep-seated passion in this town among the merchants as well as residents to rally together when these invaders come knocking. True to town roots that cherish unique contributions, community spirit and a not a small bit of rebellion, Walden Street fought off the most recent “barbarian at the gate” Citibank, this past Fall.

The soul of Concord Center is the quality and diversity of its individual shops. The people who run them day to day have a respect for the town and each other that transcends even the natural competition between them. The entrepreneurial spirit is always welcome here, recent shops to make their mark in Concord include The Dotted I and The Muse’s Window.

One of the unexpected luxuries of Concord is the ability to walk into a shop and chat with the owner directly; to know you’re conversing with a person who wants to and more importantly, can make a difference and not with a call center or satellite representative, is what makes Concord worth coming to.