Summer Holiday 2008

concord-barn2.JPGA Day in a Concord Life

Memorial Day weekend has been everything one hopes it will be during those dark months of winter. We have experienced a brilliant, clear sky with warm temperatures and a steady breeze.

I love these three days, our summer sampler. My girls are in bathing suits, the sprinkler is on and their dolls are parked carefully in strollers under the apple tree. This would be a nice freeze frame for summer in total. And while I hope and intend to have much of July and August spent in this carefree manner, I also brace for the question of ….”what can we do now?”

We are in the home stretch, three or four weeks left until the end of the school year. This last month sometimes can feel like a condensed version of the past three months. There is a ceremony for everything, creating closure is definitely not an issue in the school lives of a five and seven year old. So, while we plunge forward for the final push I randomly decided to take a photo of something entirely unrelated to the buzz that surrounds us presently, but instead, makes me think of a soon-to-be lazy afternoon spent strawberry picking or hiking close to a nearby Concord farm.