Verrill Farm Rebuilds, Concord, MA

Verrill Farm’s field adorned with an American Flag (photo taken from July 2007 entry)

It’s rare I write about local news in the sense of what the community newspaper might cover, but today is a special case. Verrill Farm, one of Concord’s favorite landmarks experienced a devastating fire. Verrill Farm is one of the cornerstones of Concord’s thriving business community. A member of a very exclusive club in townships across the United States…. a multi-generational business that has thrived since before the Depression and into the 21st Century. The people from this town and surrounding towns express a fierce loyalty to this landmark. So when we heard over the weekend that this venerable farm stand had burned to the ground, it was a stunning revelation that one of the hallmarks of Concord had been dealt such a blow.

In the hours and days that have followed people have sought out the folks at Verrill and anyone else they could talk to, in an effort to understand what they could do. Middlesex Savings Bank, a true community bank, has set up a fund for Verrill. A similarly beloved multi-generational store, The Kussin family’s Fritz & Gigi Childrens Shop, is contributing a portion of their revenues on a dedicated day. Many others are making an active effort to buy their in-season fruits, vegetables and other goods from the makeshift stands crafted to house the abundance of produce harvested in the adjacent fields that were, thankfully, spared from the fire. If your visiting the area from surrounding towns or states, swing by Verrill Farm and help sustain a well-loved piece of Concord.