Enjoy your stay, Concord, MA

concord-farm1.JPGA Day in a Concord Life While today’s pastoral landscape seems entirely in keeping with Concord’s image, it is more than what appears at first glance. It is in reality a Correction Facility or Minimum Security Prison.

Only in Concord do prisons look this inviting! There is actually a working dairy farm on premises. It produces milk for most of the correctional facilities in Massachusetts. Concord has always prided itself on being progressive and this was true in the 19th century especially. The first facility was erected in the late 1800’s and its sister operation across the street (shown above) was created in 1932. Open air, hard work and reeducation were what it was founded on and they try to uphold those principals today. This facility is on the outskirts of Concord Center near the Acton border.