O Tannenbaum!

Christmas Tree

Yesterday, our most recent blanket of snow provided a glimpse back for me. As I waited for my daughters to get off the bus I had the time and inclination to step into the middle of the road our house resides on in Carlisle. Of course this wouldn’t typically be remarkable except for the fact that even though Carlisle is a relatively sleepy town in comparison to its neighbors, our particular road is a main route to and from other towns making it always quite busy.

The snow brought everything to a halt. A wonderful gift because it allowed me to see what those residents, perhaps 60 or 100 years ago saw, with very little alternation. Vast tracks of untouched land, gently sloping hills, an abundance of snow covered limbs and a beautiful period farmhouse just across the street from us. With the absence of any kind of vehicle, time really does becomes more fluid. It could easily be any moment in the last century or so…at least until the snowplows arrived.

Today’s picture is of our “outdoor” Christmas tree. My daughters feel the snow dresses it beautifully. We all marvel at its height and the many holiday celebrations before us it must have silently watched over. O Tannenbaum! (originally posted December 2007)