Carefree Days

A Day in a Concord Life
It’s done! We rushed head long into the end of the school year and now, time finally doesn’t feel like it’s accelerating at an alarming pace. My six year old got off the bus today happy to officially begin her summer vacation. The day, with it’s blue sky, traditional June temperatures and a hint of humidity was a great kick-off to the care free days ahead. This I take seriously… I hope to keep enough scheduling and “structured” activities at bay to actually have some carefree days. They are the true luxury for children now. I hope Emily and her sister explore the outdoors until they hear a call for dinner. I personally look forward to loosing track of time in contrast to the school year when the clock seems ever present.

I think it is particularly easy to be nostalgic at this time of year. As adults we remember our summer vacations fondly. The sound of the ice cream truck, the lazy afternoons and the neighborhood games played well into dusk. Time has no doubt colored my memory to slightly enhance the very best of what was, but I do hope there will be a few memories of relaxing days and simple pleasures my girls hang on to when they reflect years from now on the summer of 2007.