A View from Ferns, Carlisle, MA

fernspatio.JPG Cup of coffee in hand, a place to kick back for a few moments between errands, Ferns’ Piazza, as the owners have aptly named it, is the hub of our rather quiet metropolis. Just out of camera range is a water garden complete with smooth stones, a constantly blooming array of flowers and a modest waterfall. Part of my “coffee moment” counts on the fact that my young children, still 5 and 7, are enthralled by the little water garden.

We are in our last weeks of summer now. Each time I flip the page on the calendar to see what September holds, I’m reminded of the shift in pace that will occur very soon. While I sit at Ferns and the reality of Fall starts to take hold, I find it’s a good time to grab the empty chair from a nearby table to prop my feet on…a conscious act of refusal not to let summer go quite yet.