Black Brook Farm, Carlisle, MA


Carlisle is an oasis northwest of Boston. Surrounded by towns with a far greater density of buildings and people, Carlisle stands out as a haven for wildlife, bird sanctuaries, trails and working farms. It is, for the most part, a bedroom community but the homes are often tucked away within acres of trees and land.

One of the most delightful sights on these back roads is Black Brook Farm. The homestead and barn date back to 1861 and it is currently a privately owned horse farm that breeds Connemara Horses. This setting is about as idyllic as you get in New England. While many similar homesteads throughout the Northeast have been transformed into Inns for the public, Carlisle stands very committed to maintaining a living, breathing farm community. Black Brook itself has been instrumental in saving open space through agreements with its neighbor, Great Brook State Farm, to protect abutting lands from over development.

As a mother of two growing girls life can sometimes move at a frenetic pace, Carlisle provides the external beauty and serenity to make it all work! If you’re looking for an afternoon trip beyond Concord that involves hiking, birdwatching or just some general communing with nature, Carlisle is a lovely spot to drink it all in.