A New Dawn in Carlisle, January 2009

carlisles-new-year.JPG The new year was aptly rung in by a fresh blanket of snow. Following hours of snowfall on New Year’s Eve, we were greeted in the early morning hours of our new year with a clean slate, both literally and figuratively. I ventured out first thing, or as close as I could muster to first thing following the night before.

The metaphor was perfect. I walked through swaths of farmland and winding back roads enjoying the perfection early morning hours can bring. The snow, sky and winding post and beam fence in today’s photograph reminded me again of the beauty and peace this town and its land affords us. And while there is no certainty in the year ahead or ability to speculate with any precision on what may come, a stroll on these back roads of Carlisle has a wonderful way of preserving the “moment” and the serenity which that brings. Happy New Year.