Four Corners Farm, Carlisle, MA

four-corners-carlisle-ma.JPG As you can see in today’s passage, Concord and Boston are to your left. On many of the original roadways in New England stand granite markers. Before GPS and before Michelin Maps, there were clear, concise postings consisting of an arrow and the destination where the arrow would take you. They dot the landscape of roads that were once travelled on horseback or in carriage. This was a time where Yankee or perhaps Puritan sensibilities were still dominant and signs either on rock or post were purposeful and brief. If the road led from Carlisle into Concord it was named Concord Road. If it was in Carlisle heading toward Acton, it was named Acton Road…where this photo was taken. Adjective-driven names were not preferred in early New England. Patch Meadow Lane and Oak Knoll Road were for a later time.


  1. Wonderful blog, so great to find you!

    I love shopping downtown Concord – Nesting on Main is one of my favorite shops!

    Heidi & Heather
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