Gathering Storm, Carlisle, MA


Here we sit in New England waiting for the first Big storm of the season, schools are closing early, streets rolling up and talk of white out conditions are all over the t.v and web. For me, after the initial rush to rework interdependent schedules, the calm before the storm has set in. Safely tucked away, we await the Nor’easter. With so many things canceled its actually a bit freeing to know there is nothing to do really, but watch.

That first morning after is the best. Before the plows arrive, while all is still freshly white and quiet. It reminds me of the lovely Austrian Christmas Carol “Still, Still, Still”.

Well, it looks like we are going to have a White Christmas. Winter has definitely gotten off to a strong start this season, it was almost balmy this time last year, until February we really thought there was promise of sailing into Spring untouched. Alas, we got our fill in the final three months of the winter. So, who knows what awaits us for 2008, but it does lend some authenticity to the current season. I feel a bit more ready to join in the holiday festivities and all that goes along with that not only because of our early snows but because of what they bring…..a moment or two of peace and quiet, a break in the momentum of the season. The heavy snow bring a wonderful gift or permission to stop and enjoy the beauty. A chance to rejuvenate just enough to get back out there and embrace the holidays!