Working Farm, Carlisle, MA

carlisle-working-farm.JPG There is something special about a November dawn. The frost is still on the ground from the night before and the Autumn sun has a cool air brilliance that shines in contrast to the early morning shadows. This Barn sits on the perimeter of Great Brook State Farm in Carlisle. By the look of it, one could see it anywhere, Vermont, Western Maine or Northern New Hampshire. The fact it resides here in this community is an unlikely luxury. I walk the paths in and around Great Brook in the early morning, it transports me a bit from whatever weighs on my mind or the walls that can close in when you’re around the house. It is expansive, rugged and beautiful.

On my return walk this morning, the open fields that now sit dormant, post-harvest had a different kind of activity. Two coyotes mining the fields for food or perhaps protecting something they already had. It was a strange sight not 200 feet from an open dirt parking lot, fascinating and a little alarming. Myself and a couple of other early risers couldn’t help but admire them….from a distance.