A Walk in the Woods, Carlisle MA

Winter is now officially over. Never mind that Spring has been on the calendar for weeks, it is classic to New England that we go from Polartec to Sun dresses in a matter of days…and so is the case with us. April Vacation is here and it gives Emily, Ally and I a chance to explore our world sans rain boots and layers. We are in the midst of our Summer preview and the girls are determined to make the most of it.

Today we chose to hike the acres of trails around Great Brook Farm in Carlisle. Walking with great purpose my seven year old led the way. We marveled at the array of bird calls and even the sound of moving water…something that truly surprises after months of stillness. This place is a treasure. There is also Great Brook’s Dairy Farm & Ice Cream Stand on premises, a great reward after a long hike. The paths are very well marked and open, perfect for the novice or more serious hiker.